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Bio Genetic Muscle Gain Program Review

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A review of "The 12-Week Bio-genetic Muscle Weight Gain System" by Bryan Kernan

The 12-Week Bio-genetic Muscle Gain Program is a comprehensive ebook guide written with one goal: to help you pack on a stack of muscle (35lbs!) in just twelve weeks.

Quite an ambitious target - three pounds of pure muscle per week, week in week out for three months. Do I think it's achievable? I'm not sure if you'll manage the full 35 pounds but I am very confident that if you follow Bryan's bio-genetic program you will see significant gains.

Why? Well, the whole program is based on some very scientifically sound principles based upon your lean body mass, metabolic rate and protein requirements. As a life science degree qualified individual (I have a degree in nutrition, physiology and biochemistry) I found myself nodding in agreement constantly throughout the first section of the ebook.

I found myself agreeing on ultra critical key areas such as meal frequency, EFA's, journal useage, protein requirements and how to calculate them, and how to calculate your dietary fat and carbohydrate requirements. Fascinating stuff and incredibly clear. If you are at all confused about your bodybuilding diet go and Get The 12-Week Bio-genetic Muscle Gain Program Now!

The largest part of the ebook covers the actual training program. The program flies in the face of convention and you won't find it in your copies of Flex, that's for sure. It's a very radical program that focuses on the efficiency of your workouts, key exercises, short workout duration and a clever three phase approach.

I'm really impressed with the clarity in which he's designed the workout plans. He seems to have had a clear objective whilst developing it and I'd love to hear from those who have already bought and tried this system.

The ebook also covers supplements in good detail, with some excellent comparison details for whey supplements which certainly opened my eyes - I know which whey supplement I'll be ordering from now on!

Does the program live up to the hype then? Am I won over? I can honestly say that the bio-genetic program does look very promising indeed, especially if you are underweight looking for a fabulous program to follow or if you are frustrated with lack of results. Give this program< a try and let me know how you get on!

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