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Bench Press Workout Review

Blast Your Bench (How to add 51 lbs. to your max bench press in only 3 weeks!) is a comprehensive ebook guide to improving your bench press.

The author Lee Hayward is a certified Strength coach and from this book it is evident that he has a lot of experience in coaching weight-trainers. His style is very clear and precise and helps convey a real sense of purpose in his writings.

Lee takes the time to explain the principles behind what he advocates in this book - such things as rest intervals, training frequency and repetition speed are all covered with a clarity that can only be to the readers benefit.

Blast Your Bench is based around a rather radical training system that puts the focus on the bench press with the intention of massively improving your bench press poundage during the training period. This type of system is tried and tested and is great for breaking through periods of stagnation or when quick results are required.

The system itself is not the only thing covered though - not by a long shot. Lee takes the time to layout a two week period before you start the blast your bench II system that prepares you for it. This in my view is very impressive - not many authors have the presense of mind to describe or advocate a conditioning period before any radical or intense period of training commences.

Diet is also covered well, and all the advice is again clear and straight-forward and this itself if followed will be immeasurably beneficial to beginners or people confused about what to eat and which supplements to take.

Also included is an adaptation of the blast your bench II system that focuses on the barbell squat. This was made due to the requests of previous readers of the system as they wanted to make the kinds of gains they had made in their upper bodies on their lower bodies. Lee has quite correctly adjusted the system to take into account the larger muscles of the lower body and I believe that this system will be a great one to follow.

Finally Lee has also includeda as a bonus his special report "How to get six pack abs" - a great article on ab training, diet and advanced fat loss techniques.

All in all this is an excellent ebook training system and one I would recommend especially for those trainers who'd really like to increase the weight they can lift on the bench press or squat.

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