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Bodybuilidng Encyclopedia Review

A Real Encyclopedia on Bodybuilding

with an Endless Amount of Information

There’s a lot of bodybuilding books that like to throw the word encyclopedia in the title to fool people into buying them.  And what better way to hook someone into thinking that they’re going to get a nearly endless amount of information than to use the word encyclopedia.  After all, it helps to mask the fact that the book is really just 100 pages of useful information with a lot of meaningless banter by the author and big pictures filling the rest of the work.

However, you certainly won’t find this to be the case with Dennis Weis’ e-book entitled the “Digital Encyclopedia of Massive Bodybuilding”.  Dennis Weis, a.k.a. The Yukon Hercules, definitely doesn’t jip the reader out of their money with this extremely long book and actually ends up giving people a bargain. 

Dennis Weis resists the urge to spend the first 20 pages of Massive Bodybuilding bragging about himself and talking about how he’s a huge rebel when compared to the rest of the bodybuilding world.  Instead, he starts off with a 106 page lesson on how to pack on 25 pounds of muscle in 21 days.  While this may sound a little too good to be true, it’s actually not when one reads of a cycle Yukon borrowed from the Japanese that sees one bulking on odd days and cutting on even days during the week.

Keeping up with the worldly theme, Dennis Weis devotes a volume in his encyclopedia to how one can develop shredded abs in a year through an Australian-born workout.  This plan from the outback involves six abdominal exercises that are critical in building the perfect six-pack and provides all of the steps that are needed to do each one correctly.  Yes, the exercises can be grueling but nobody said having the perfect stomach was easy.

There’s also two volumes dedicated to the man himself, Chuck Sipes.  Weis includes letters from the late Sipes that outline his training routines and diet advice designed to take anyone’s body to the next level.  These letters that were sent from Chuck to Dennis provide a progressive set of workouts that helped Yukon reach his fullest potential.  One of the volumes even contains Sipes’ philosophies on competition training too.    

This book is so long that there are even some sections dedicated to powerlifting in the form of the bench press and the squat.  Lifters from the past, including Ken Lain and Pat Casey, have helped out with the bench press volume by providing their workout routines and even interviews.  Fred “Dr. Squat” Hatfield lends a hand in the squatting section by giving his legendary five step workout to building bigger and stronger legs in addition to a much better overall lift in this exercise.    

If a problem exists with Massive Bodybuilding, it’s that there is almost too much information for any one person to take in.  This e-book is so long that it might take most people almost a full year to read through and comprehend all of the information that is offered here.  But contrary to the old saying, there certainly can’t be too much of a good thing with regards to “Digital Encyclopedia of Massive Bodybuilding.”  In fact, purchasing Massive Bodybuilding is like buying a set of real encyclopedias, but without having to deal with the annoying door-to-door salesman or finding a place to store 26 different books.

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