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Working Out with Dumbells

dumbell exerciesAsk most powerlifers or football linemen about dumbells and they'll tell you they're worthless and that only beach boys use them in the time they're not working on their six-pack. They'll also tell you to stick with heavy barbells as they are by far the most effective tools for building size and strength.

And these people would be right as far as barbells having the best effect on a person's size and strenght increases. However, most powerlifters and linemen don't spend too much time worrying about how cut up their muscles are or how they look in the mirror.

For the rest of us though who want to be strong yet don't want the fat slob with muscles look, dumbells can be a very powerful means of acheiving an excellent-looking, ripped physique. They even have some important advantages over barbells as well.

For starters, dumbells allow a person a much greater freedom of movement that barbells don't which also means that a person can work areas of muscles that may be nearly impossible to do with barbells. This means that someone who can't sculpt a certain part of their body using a barbell can use a dumbell exercise to accomplish the feat.

Another reason that dumbells shouldn't be ignored is that they can help a person avoid injury. Athletes are often injured using barbells because they force people's arms, wrists, and other body parts into unnatural positions. Just think of how many times you've heard of someone hurting their shoulders while bench pressing.

The last thing to keep in mind when using dumbells is that they can provide a different type of training session to blast the muscles. If you just use barbells all of the time, your body will adapt to this type of workout more easily thus limiting its effectiveness in the long-run. With a dumbell workout here and there you shock your body in a different way and thus experience new gains.

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