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"Learn how to turn ordinary supplements,
from your local health food store,
into super anabolic compounds!"

Bodybuilding supplements are potent weapons in any natural bodybuilder's program.
This inside information reveals the truth about bodybuilding supplements so you can use them effectively.

Bodybuilding Supplement Secrets Revealed, written by Bryan Kernan is an excellent ebook that covers the minefield area of supplements - an area where so many of us are left confused and bemused, and I must say it does so very well indeed.

The books primary intention is to give you seven supplement formulas that will give you the best results possible for your money and your current aims (fat loss or muscle gain). It gives clear, precise instructions and I feel that if followed then the gains Bryan describes are possible, especially if you have only dabbled with supplements before or supplemented infrequently.

The supplements used are all basic unbranded supplements that when combined produce equal or better results than the over-expensive over-hyped products being promoted these days. Bryan recommendations are based upon common sense (to keep costs to a minimum) and on clear scientific principles. I would be happy to use any of the formula's described.

The bonus's included are also noteworthy - free lifetime updates via email, journal sheets and an excellent article on fat-loss which specifies an excellent fat burning formula!

In conclusion I have no qualms in recommending this supplement ebook, especially to those of you who are new to bodybuilding or are baffled about which supplements to take. At the moment it is priced at $27 which is fantastic value for money - you could save yourself money and gain muscle via the excellent supplement advice it contains.

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