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The Bodybuilding Truth Review

The Most Controversial Bodybuilding Book Ever?

People like Jay Cutler, Ronnie Coleman, and Arnold Schwarzenegger certainly have no problem selling copies of their books as everyone who knows anything about bodybuilding is sure to check their book out if they're looking for a quality reference guide.

But at some point, one has to really ask them self if these books really offer the best possible information to the average aspiring athlete. After all, guys like Jay and Arnold were born with great genetics that enabled them to reach superstar status in the bodybuilding world. They've also had some of the best coaching and advice that money can buy and some of their strategies for building a better body may be out of touch with the average person.

That's why I recommend The Bodybuilding Truth Review. It is a resource that caters to everyone from hardcore bodybuilders to beginners and just gives honest, non-biased advice to anyone who reads it.

Alright, this book goes far beyond just honest advice as it pretty much blows the cover off every lie that has been created by the major muscle publications and supplement companies. That's because it's been written by long-time bodybuilding insider and writer Nelson Montana who holds nothing back from readers in his ultra-controversial ebook called The Bodybuilding Truth.

I was amazed when Google decided to ban all advertising for Nelson Montana's controversial eBook, The Bodybuilding Truth.

Those of you that have read Montana's The Bodybuilding Truth know that in the eBook, Montana spares no one's feelings. His basic premise is that if you really knew how to build the ultimate body in less than six months time, would you keep paying for more? More supplements? More personal training? More courses? More magazines? What if you knew the truth? What if someone were to blow the whistle on the con artists within the bodybuilding world and at the same time, share with you the secrets for packing on thick, dense muscle - fast and burning off every last ounce of your bodyfat in the process.

With a premise like this, it was no surprise to anyone that all the major bodybuilding sites, with the exception a handful, adamantly refused to run advertising or even mention The Bodybuilding Truth. The reason? The Bodybuilding Truth exposed everything the bodybuilding marketers don't want you to know. While a few publications confessed that they liked his work, they also flat out admitted they wanted no controversy. In some cases, an upstart website would be interested, but later turned tail and went mainstream as soon as they tasted a few supplement dollars.

But Google has always prided itself on being the search engine with the most integrity. Here's how Google describes the integrity of its search results:

"A Google search is an easy, honest and objective way to find high-quality websites with information relevant to your search."

In hind sight, I should have realized that this would happen. You see, although I knew that the supplement industry was an important economic force in the bodybuilding press, I had foolishly forgotten that they are a powerful economic force in mainstream media too. Just think back on all those ads you've seen for the "Hollywood Juice Diet." And it was naive of me to think that Google or anyone else would dare run any type of ad that would alienate any of the thousands of advertisers, spending millions of dollars, promoting snake oil to the general public.

So if you're looking for a truthful and honest approach to building muscle then you'd definitely be interested in checking out The Bodybuilding Truth.

I'll warn you though, you won't find the secrets to building the perfect body in twelve weeks or any other bullshit like that. Only information that is meant to expose bodybuilders to the truth.

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