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Bodybuilding Psychology: Workout Pump

Have you ever noticed the people in the gym who just can't stop looking at themself in the mirror in between sets of a workout? How could you not as they look like the most vein bastards in the world constantly pausing to get a good long look at themselves before moving on to the next set. It's as if they've tricked themselves into believing that they're getting bigger and more muscular by the second.

But no matter how stupid these people look when they gaze into the glass at theirselves, they may simply be impressed by their workout pump. This phenomenon typically occurs during a weight workout when you tear down your muscles and the body responds by bringing in nutrient-rich blood to the muscles to repair them.

Since this blood usually stays in the muscles for a while, you experience a more pumped up physique throughout the workout and even for a while after the workout has ended. This often causes many gym novices and veterans alike to admire their increased muscle mass no matter who's around.

Sometimes having this pump can have a tremendously positive psychological effect on a bodybuilder as they begin to feel stronger in their minds while they work out. The amazing thing is this workout pump can also have a great physical effect on a person as endorphins are released by the body during this pump as well which further stimulates good responses towards working out.

Since the pump acheives more than just an excuse to check yourself out during a workout, it is always a good idea to keep the workout pump coming. This means that you'll want to make sure and get plenty of rest in between workouts and sleep as well. Also, make sure that your nutrition is kept up as well.

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